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Radios are used for people to communicate. Before radios, there are communication technologies like the telegram and telephone. Technologies like the telegram and the telephone used wires, to transmit the message. But because of radios, people are about to communicate wirelessly using waves. Because of communication using waves, radios solved a lot of problems.

At first, people communicated using telephone. Telephones are electrical speech machine, it uses electricity and magnet to transfer the human voice. Telephones are developed by Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Grey in 1876. Telephones are one of the most advance ways to communicate, but it still have some disadvantages. Because of using the wire, so it wasn’t really portable.

The first theory of communication of using waves came even before the invention of wired telephones. It was created by James Clerk Maxwell, in approximately the year 1864. In his works, “the idea that made radio waves possible,” he explained how electromagnetic waves work in light and how light works in electromagnetic waves. Because of this, communication using radio waves are possible because of deleting the need of using wires. Wave transmission works by recorded sound through a microphone, then it will be turn into an electrical energy. Which, then will flow into an antenna and then the antenna will create enough power for the signal to go around the world.

The Application of Radio Waves in Communication Technology

The idea of using radio wave transmission is first developed by Guglielmo Marconi in 1901. He transmitted the first ever wireless radio wave transmission from Ireland to Canada. Because of this, he solved the problem of using wires and cables, and instead using radio waves. Because of the creation of the radio transmission, it saved the life of R.F Mathews, while he was carrying his coal, he almost hit with the East Goodwin Lightship. But because of the wireless communication, it allows the sailors to receive a warning, which then stopped them from hitting.

Because of wireless communication of the radio, people now can communicate much faster. Because of deleting the use of wires, people can now communicate portably. With the use of wires, people can only communicate from one place into someone in the other end of the wire, and the other person can also only communicate from one place into another. But now, because of communication using waves, instead of using wires, it will be easier to communicate, and it will be much faster. Because of using waves, when there is a news, people can hear about it much faster. People also can listen to music portably using the radio, instead of using the gramophone, which can only be use limitedly in one place.

Social Effects of Using Radio Waves

The radio, affected the world socially, because of radio frequency they can hear through radios. With this, they can communicate and they can get connected. It also affects the world economically, because of the radio frequencies and stations businesses, that broadcast the news and also music. Like in Indonesia there are frequencies such as Prambors Radio, Gen FM, Elshinta, etc.