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Private Tutor for grade seven to eight Secondary Level for Cambridge, IB and Singapore syllabus.

Experienced tutors in International syllabus

Specialized to show students from International and national and colleges (JIS, BIS, Raffles/RICS, world Jaya, SIS, ACG, SPH etc)

Available to show in camera in student home, public place in capital of Indonesia Selatan, capital of Indonesia Barat, capital of Indonesia pusat, capital of Indonesia Utara, different Jadetabek areas.

Private Tutor Jakarta for Grade 7 and 8

Expert tutor for specific learning difficulties (Mathematics, Science, English)
IGCSE preparation, global organization preparation, IB MYP communicating preparation, Cambridge stop
We square measure with pride presents our secondary school tutoring services out there for grade 7-8 students in capital of Indonesia, BSD, Depok, Bekasi and Bali. The tutors can facilitate students in following subjects:





other general subjects (excluding Mandarin, we’ll assign specialist Mandarin tutor)

Private Tutor Jakarta for Grade 7 and 8

We offer 2 types of tutoring programs:

PLATINUM tutoring program (100% in English)
Gold Tutoring Program (Bilingual English and Bahasa Indonesia)
Our Tutor are accustomed to International syllabus like CAMBRIDGE, IB and Singapore (My Pals), and different international syllabus.

Tutoring program is monitored by oldsters trough our Daily report notes. oldsters will request for specific tutor needs.