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Physics is originated from Greek word “fysikós” which means natural. Physics Tutor Jakarta- Physics is the natural science in which study of matter, motion and behavior through space and time is involved, together with associated concepts such as energy and force. One of the most critical scientific disciplines, is the main goal of physics: how to understand universe.

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Physics Tutor

Physics is one of the oldest disciplines in the world. At first, physics is associated in natural philosophy along with biology, chemistry, and some branches of math. However, as science has improved, physics has developed as science with separate research. People who are expert in physics are called physicists. They use physical approaches to answer big questions about universe. How this universe begins? How it changes from the past, present, until future?

Physics is not only about theoretical concept, but it can be applied to all human activities. For example, it applies to development of sustainable forms of energy production, cancer treatment through radiotherapy, and diagnosing illness through kinds of imaging. All of these are based on physics.

In conclusion, physics is highly necessary in all sectors of human life. People who understand physics is also needed. Meanwhile, before thinking about how to be a scientist, have you and your children done your physics tasks or homework? Are you satisfied with your score in physics exams? Are you still confused how to finish them because you are not good at it enough?

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Nowadays, physics is getting more complicated and harder to learn, especially in the case of bad learning methods. To overcome your problem regarding learning physics and its difficulties, is ready to come to you. Call us now, then you can make your own schedule for tutoring sessions. We will send you professional tutors coming to your house in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.