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In today’s world, we rarely see a single person not having at least one social media profile, whether the purpose is business or personal. Social media and the internet have been as of great importance to us, as they give us knowledge and fast access to information.

A few hundred years ago, we would find it nearly impossible to contact someone in another city or country without having to be there in person to deliver the message. Merely 70 years ago, there was hope. Electronic computers were created during the 1950’s and that is the start of internet creation. A bunch of scientists, engineers, and programmers poured hard work into creating this so-called “internet”.

Internet as Modern Communication Technology

The first internet provider was called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). They were a packet switching network. In early 1970s, only 4 computers were connected to the mentioned provider but it did not cease to grow.

Then, wireless networks were created, the first few providers all under the name WaveLan. A few other providers came to join and it was somewhat a packet-switching provider party. It kept growing and it all became a single term: Internet.

So how does the internet work? We know we use it on a daily basis, and we need passwords to access it, but how does it actually work? Well, science. It uses radio waves so that the device you are on may have access to information on the net. This is also called a WLAN. This also connects to routers. If a house has wifi, then they must have routers. They are plugged into sockets in the house, and all the devicesare connected to it if it needs wifi. The router then proceeds to collect data from the internet and sends radio waves to the device.

With these complicated ways of creating the internet, it is now our main resource if we need to find something. There are lots os social medias such as twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, including school program websites. We no longer need to go out of the country if a product is not made in our country because there is online shopping. Most schools now require students to bring gadgets such as laptops and iPads to complete their tasks. Instead of wasting paper, we can now use gadgets to submit our tasks to the internet.

Negative impacts of using Internet

Although there are countless benefits of the internet, there are some negativity seeped in there as well. Because gathering information is very easy now, humans are more lazy to do things that require energy. If they have everything on a single device inside their house, they don’t find travelling of great importance. This leads to sicknesses and diseases.

Nowadays, people have to make sure that they balance their health with entertainment. No one can have just good or bad in life. They need to make sure that they are not consuming their life on the internet as it is supposed to benefit them, not disadvantage.

Nonetheless, the internet is a beneficial place as tons and tons of people have found success over internet jobs, like there are YouTubers who are multi-millionaires, and translators who earn just as much as businessmen and businesswomen. Even with the few negative points the internet gives, it is still of great importance and may benefit us.