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In an effort to gain internationally recognized high school credentials, Many students in Jakarta are sitting for IGCSE Exam. as there are hundreds school in Jakarta are using Cambridge curriculum. the reason behind it is, attaining IGCSE qualification can help students open the door to higher education and eventually of the world best universities. The focus in IGCSE is heavily on exam only. Students will receive certificate after taking the exam with grade going from A* to U. of course nobody wants to get an U or F. Every student is aiming to pass IGCSE exam with flying color on their certificate. With that matter, the help from IGCSE private tutor in Jakarta is obviously needed.

How can IGCSE Private tutor Jakarta help your child with the exams?

Similar with Ujian Nasional or any other exam type, huge materials is available on line and in a book store. Your child needs to do a lot of work and practice past paper consistently. The problem is, when your child starts practicing on the past paper, they are confused about the working step especially in paper 3 or paper 4. They are not confident whether they are producing a good quality answer or not, even though they have the answer key with them (answer key provided is not detail and hard to understand. It is made for the examiners, not for students). That way, the best thing that you can do to help your child is to hire a private tutor. OUR tutors are having a good understanding of the subjects and familiar with the questions type. Tutors will guide your child to master the concept and guide the in solving question per topic. They will make your child gain the confidence and skill. I’m not saying something wrong. Its already tested and work extremely well. Students who have private tutor got a better grade than who have not. Private tutor is needed because your child will get learning method just right for your child and 100% support during learning.

How to find IGCSE Private Tutor In Jakarta?

Many parents don’t know, where to find a professional IGCSE tutor. Hope you are not on of them. In JakartaEliteTutors, we selected tutors who has experiences in teaching or tutoring IGCSE subjects and able to deliver the lesson in English. our tutors speak English fluently and deliver the lesson in fun and engaging way. Fill the form on the right side of the page or simply chat us on 0821-2813-4114 for the details