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Choosing A levels is exciting for all concerned, though initially it will appear intimidating. A levels influence your child’s future: the colleges they will apply to, the courses they will study and, to some extent, their career. It’s thusnecessary to think about not solely what your kid can fancy finding out for subsequent 2 years, howeveradditionally what they may wish to do later in life. Having same that, not each juvenile person is prepared to decide on a career path before beginning their A levels, and that’s okay – as long as your kid gets sensible marks, they’ll be able to modification their plans on the approach.

Charlotte Williams, an educator at MyTutor, says: “I am currently in my final year studying Geography at the University of Exeter and I absolutely love it. I didn’t always know what I wanted to do though. I even picked my A Levels (Maths, Product Design, Geography and Physics) for a career in Architecture! However, after studying Geography in more detail at A Level, I wanted to learn more about the subject. I found A Levels very difficult at first as tChey are such a step up from GCSEs – it was quite a shock. As time went on, things got easier as you really learn how you work best and how to manage your time. Some good advice would be: do your own thing as not everyone works in the same way.”

How can I help my child pick the right A levels for them?

As a parent, you’ll want to strike a balance between helping your child make the right decision, and letting them be independent. Some children ask their parents for lots of guidance, while others resist parental input. Generally, it’s best to encourage your child to think through their choices in the right way – to ask themselves what they have enjoyed studying at GCSE level, what they might like to study at university, and what they might like to do in the future. Helping your child think about the implications of their decision is key – teenagers often don’t think ahead without being prompted to do so. It’s also important, however, to make sure your child doesn’t worry too much about their decision – nowadays, career paths are very fluid, therefore as long as your kid will well, they won’t rule themselves out of the many jobs.

It’s price taking the time to analysis the wants for the university courses you kid may wish to study, and for the roles they may wish to do soon. Don’t worry, however, if your kid doesn’t recognize what they may need to try and do nonetheless – encourage them to decide on a mix of arts and sciences. Maths, English literature, science, history, geography, and fashionable foreign languages area unit typically known as ‘facilitating’ subjects, as a result of they create it attainable for college students to use for a variety of degrees, therefore attempt to persuade your kid to select a minimum of one amongst these.

What do i would like to do?

Download our guide to search out out a lot of concerning the way to seek advice from your kid concerningselecting A levels, wherever to search out out the wants for specific university courses and jobs, and to listen to what some university students we’ve spoken to own to mention concerning the method.