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Geography is not simpy coloring in

Geography?! Isn’t that simply colouring in

I’m an old, previous lady currently, well into my fourth year at university, however once I remember to being seventeen and filling out my UCAS kind, one question stands out, and it wasn’t even on the shape. it absolutely was the one I got from friends/family/strangers on public transport/everyone in Newcastle: “Geography?! Isn’t that simply colouring in? Why area unit you finding out that?!

If you choose to travel forth and become a expert (which I hope you do!), I 100 percent promise you you’ll get this. So, here’s my answer, just in case you don’t have yours prepared by IB tutor

I love geographics as a result of, as clichéd because it sounds, everything is geographical. Really, although – in my degree, I’ve studied glaciers, volcanoes, prehistoric extinctions, the unfold of the Plague, Northman voyages, the history of whaling and temperature change. I’ve had lectures on Mars, shipping containers, penguins, and pirates! I’m a preponderantly physical expert, too, so that’s not even half the story: I have friends writing dissertations on wind farms, how the healthcare system fuels inequality in Britain, why Western countries don’t really eat insects, and even how street murals can change people’s opinions of places, people and politics. It’s all Geography! I honestly believe that anyone in the world could study Geography, because there’s a module for everyone.

This breadth is great for holding your interest, but it’s also behind one of the key skills that studying Geography gives you, which is an ability to see the bigger picture. You don’t even really realise it’s happening when you do it, but thinking geographically inherently involves looking beyond an immediate small-scale problem, and considering the systems that have brought it to that point. If you’re investigating why a glacier is melting, you don’t stop at “more ice is melting than is being created”, you go deeper. Is the glacier moving differently? Has there been an increase in melting, a drop in ice formation, or both? What’s driving these changes? What will the impacts of this be on the local people and environment? What are the implications for the country the glacier is in? What are the implications for the planet? Without even realising it, by studying Geography, you’re thinking big. this is often fascinating, and employers like it it|adore it|find it irresistible} once you will suppose critically and laterally about things, thus there’s that.

A additional directly cool issue is that the travel. munition is that the lifeblood of geographics, and there area unit such a big amount of opportunities to travel the globe. It might be payment every week on a ice mass in Iceland, rise hills within the Highlands, or wandering the streets of metropolis. i do know geographers who’ve frolicked in Antarctica, Nepal, and island. I’ve cooked a cheese sandwich on a volcano. I even spent the primary week of my third year in WALES. Yeah, you detected Maine. No different subject i do know spends most time on field visits, and honestly, it’s their loss. Field visits area unit the best! Not solely does one get to travel to superb places, you’re operating in groups and reaching to apprehend your fellow geographers, United Nations agency area unit continuously sensible. I’ve ne’er met an uneventful expert. A few weird ones, but the good kind of weird. We’re a fun bunch!

And even if none of this has convinced that annoying relative of yours: what’s wrong with colouring in? Colouring in is great. I’m really good at it now.

Choosing subject for A level

Choosing A levels is exciting for all concerned, though initially it will appear intimidating. A levels influence your child’s future: the colleges they will apply to, the courses they will study and, to some extent, their career. It’s thusnecessary to think about not solely what your kid can fancy finding out for subsequent 2 years, howeveradditionally what they may wish to do later in life. Having same that, not each juvenile person is prepared to decide on a career path before beginning their A levels, and that’s okay – as long as your kid gets sensible marks, they’ll be able to modification their plans on the approach.

Charlotte Williams, an educator at MyTutor, says: “I am currently in my final year studying Geography at the University of Exeter and I absolutely love it. I didn’t always know what I wanted to do though. I even picked my A Levels (Maths, Product Design, Geography and Physics) for a career in Architecture! However, after studying Geography in more detail at A Level, I wanted to learn more about the subject. I found A Levels very difficult at first as tChey are such a step up from GCSEs – it was quite a shock. As time went on, things got easier as you really learn how you work best and how to manage your time. Some good advice would be: do your own thing as not everyone works in the same way.”

How can I help my child pick the right A levels for them?

As a parent, you’ll want to strike a balance between helping your child make the right decision, and letting them be independent. Some children ask their parents for lots of guidance, while others resist parental input. Generally, it’s best to encourage your child to think through their choices in the right way – to ask themselves what they have enjoyed studying at GCSE level, what they might like to study at university, and what they might like to do in the future. Helping your child think about the implications of their decision is key – teenagers often don’t think ahead without being prompted to do so. It’s also important, however, to make sure your child doesn’t worry too much about their decision – nowadays, career paths are very fluid, therefore as long as your kid will well, they won’t rule themselves out of the many jobs.

It’s price taking the time to analysis the wants for the university courses you kid may wish to study, and for the roles they may wish to do soon. Don’t worry, however, if your kid doesn’t recognize what they may need to try and do nonetheless – encourage them to decide on a mix of arts and sciences. Maths, English literature, science, history, geography, and fashionable foreign languages area unit typically known as ‘facilitating’ subjects, as a result of they create it attainable for college students to use for a variety of degrees, therefore attempt to persuade your kid to select a minimum of one amongst these.

What do i would like to do?

Download our guide to search out out a lot of concerning the way to seek advice from your kid concerningselecting A levels, wherever to search out out the wants for specific university courses and jobs, and to listen to what some university students we’ve spoken to own to mention concerning the method.

Oxford or Cambridge which one is better

Oxbridge interviews square measure nearly upon North American nation, therefore to heat you up (and only for fun), we’re reaching to be posting some brain teaser queries on our Twitter feed @FIRSTTUTORS. we have a tendency to hope that for those of you doing all your A-Levels (and those of you tutoring), these queries also will give nice material for a few stimulating sessions around your individual subjects.There’s AN awful ton of mystery around interviews for Oxford or Cambridge.all of them accept the IB Certificate

Oxford or Cambridge which one is better

Our tips would be as follows:
1. Relax.
Ha ha ha. Yeah right. however seriously, attempt to see it as a game. If you explore it as an interesting intellectual exercise wherever you are obtaining the free privilege of discussing an issue you are addicted to with world category consultants, it stops being alarming and starts being quite exhilarating.
Relaxing setting?
2. Expect to urge things wrong.
They will keep at you till they realize a subject that you just haven’t extensively ready for. that is as a result of they need to envision however you think that instead of what proportion you’re ready to learn or repeat on demand! The question are going to be arduous, initiate of obscurity and for a flash you may assume, “Eh?” Then you wish to enunciate that into one thing involving polite words and speak them through what you are thinking. they need to envision however you approach the question. it is not regarding whether or not you recognize the solution instantaneously.
As AN example, a lover of mine had a will of Coke thrown to him and was asked, “What is that?” He talked through the sort of object it had been, and that they prompted him to continue, therefore he stirred on to the chemical properties of its contents and from there the speech communication went on to debate gases. it’s regarding the speech communication.
Sometimes they will attempt to decide holes in your argument. Be ready to defend it (unless you recognize you are entirely wrong – within which case be able to modification tack)!

3. Be ready.
Try and show real passion for your subject. If the sole bits {you’re|you square measure} curious about are the bits on your syllabus that you just have to be compelled to do as a result of there is AN communication at the tip, honestly that’s somewhat lame. for instance, they will most likely be hoping that if you are into science you have found the recent news on landing on a estraterrestrial body a bit bit attention-grabbing, or that if you are applying to try to to PPE you may have one thing to mention regarding the Eurozone crisis. Heck, you may even have read/learned one thing outside of faculty on a subject that interests you while not your lecturers forcing you to try to to therefore. you are intellectually curious and that is an excellent issue. do not be afraid to point out it.
4. do not let mean youngsters decide on you.
Just before my interview, a classic Mainean woman asked me what my special subject was. I did not recognize what she was talking regarding, therefore I created one au fait the spot supported my favorite topic in class, Napoleon. “Yes, however that is on the syllabus. you ought to have ready another subject you’ll discuss comprehensive.” This was clearly a ploy to destabilise the opposition.
Another lad approached Maine within the library and demanded that he ought to do my written exercise on behalf of me as a result of he’d returned already therefore was clearly smarter than i used to be. I bear in mind panicking regarding being seen talking within the library and curious if he had been sent over as a check of my scruples. Then he asked Maine to lunch and that i completed he was simply chatting Maine up. Remember, youngsters like that square measure simply terribly irritating and zilch to try to to with the system. they’re conjointly not representative of everybody at Oxbridge (mercifully).
Mean girls
5. do not let the fellows (academics) intimidate you.
Okay, therefore some Oxbridge interviewers do have a name for being somewhat mean. Others square measure pretty. My 1st querier was pretty aggressive and extremely formal. i assumed regarding going home and skipping the second interview that day.
But the second try of interviewers gave Maine tea and biscuits and created Maine terribly comfy. I most likely gave higher answers within the 1st interview as a result of my blood was up and i might set there was no approach he was reaching to get the higher of Maine.
Either approach you’ve got to simply trot out it.

Oxford or Cambridge which one is better

Sometimes the queries square measure abrupt and are available at you terribly quickly (before you have finished your sentence). therefore simply smile, look them within the eye, be pleasant and do not lose your cool. courteously stand your ground once acceptable and maintain your dignity. Don’t cry. way worse things happen. it’s extremely arduous to self-assess however well you have done at interview therefore do not let others hassle you. generally interviewees emerge smile nonetheless do not get in. What counts is your performance, not theirs.

How to help your child choose University

How to help your child choose University. If your kid is heading back to high school for his or her final year of A-LEVELS, they’re going to presently ought to decide whether or not to use to college. If they’ll be fairly assured of gaining 3 or a lot of passes at A-LEVEL exam, your kid has each likelihood of securing a conditional supply from a Great Britain university, therefore however are you able to facilitate them opt for that courses and establishments to use for?

How to help your child choose University

Choosing the proper university is associate degree unbelievably laborious call to create. You and your kid ought to pay a while researching numerous universities and courses. associate degree ENGLISH DEGREE at one university are often quite totally different from associate degree ENGLISH DEGREE in different places. Teaching ways, comes and course content vary wide therefore take your kid to as several open days as attainable so as to offer them a much better plan on what life at the university are like. they’ll meet lecturers and different students and establish all they have to grasp regarding the courses on supply. How to help your child choose University
Your kid ought to additionally think about the placement of the university – however far it’s, and whether or not it’s primarily based in an exceedingly town or within the country. the value of living is very important too: establish what kind of budget you will need to place aside for accommodation and travel prices.

How to help your child choose University Program

A university with a decent diary is imperative, and you must attempt to establish the proportion of graduates that really realize employment once they complete their courses. of these facts and figures are often obtained from the university and can aid them in creating their call.
Once your kid has created their call, support them the maximum amount as attainable. Moving to college are often associate degree daunting expertise for several tykes, however along with your facilitate they must fancy their new student life quickly and simply.

A Level Biology

Demand for matched non-public tuition for A-LEVEL BIOLOGY stands at second place (after MATHS) on our search statistics on.
BIOLOGY could be a scientific discipline involved with the study of life and living organisms along side their characteristics and behaviours. however species and people inherit existence and therefore the interactions they need with each other and with their setting. Contrary to common belief, biology is quite numerical therefore a basic understanding of MATHS is useful, if not essential.

What will you learn in A Level Biology

AS level Biology introduces you to the essential principles of biology, and this final mark makes up five hundredth of the ultimate A-level grade. Biology is one among the foremost common A-Level subjects within the country. several students get pleasure from the topic most they eventually select a biologically connected degree course. getting associate A-LEVEL IN BIOLOGY can give you with a broad information of however living systems work, as well as the principles of biology, molecules, taxonomy, heating, microorganism and viruses simply to say many.
Biology is applied in an exceedingly wide selection of careers: veterinary, medicine, food science, environmental management, bioinformatics, biotechnology and nano-technology. it’s substantially a science of the long run that may provide exciting career opportunities.

How to get good score in A Level Biology

If you’re searching for steerage together with your A-level studies, Jakarta Tutors will assist! we’ve got A Level Biology TUTORS that may assist you get the A-level grade you would like. Take a glance at the profiles below.
Best of luck!

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