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Private French Teacher

You are interested in Learning french but You are having difficulties while learning French. It is necessary to have additional study time with the right methods to have mastery of France quickly. As a solution for this problem, provides private tutoring services for you in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, dan Bekasi who want to learn French for daily activities, academic or professional purposes. With schedule adjusted between you and the French Teacher or Tutor, our qualified French Teachers are ready to help you learn French with fun methods and tips to achieve your goals.

Why do You need Private French Teacher

French tutor or teacher Jakarta. French is the formal language used in French Republic. French or Français (called in France) is considered as the most exotic language in the world. How come?

French language’s mildness and sensual charm have been considered as one of the major reasons why foreigners or immigrants frequently go weak at the knees as soon as they step off the plane in Paris. Therefore, most Francophiles (those who love French things) would not be surprised that a survey of tourists and travelers in 2013 found that French was the world’s most charming language. The survey, by, which exposes the views of 8,000 travelers, saw French rank above Italian, followed by British English in third place.

Grammar support by Private French Teacher

Predicate of the sexiest language of France makes beauty of French unavoidable. In general, beautiful things are hard to find and get, including in terms of language. Lovely language is hard to learn. France is well-known for its high extent of difficulties. The biggest difficulty experienced by French learners is the pronunciation. The writings and how to pronounce are sometimes completely different, so that the learners, particularly the beginners, might be confused. Beside pronunciation, French grammar is not easy to understand as well. Complication of French is on very complicated grammar and the logic. Logical thinking in the right way to learn French well is highly needed.


Mandarin Tutor in Jakarta

Mandarin Tutor in Jakarta

Mandarin Tutor in Jakarta. Mandarin is a group of diversity of spoken Chinese in northern and southwestern China. The group consists of the Beijing dialect, basic Standard Mandarin or Standard Chinese. Due to most Mandarin dialects in the north, the group is referred to as the Northern dialects.

Mandarin is the biggest of the seven or ten Chinese dialect groups, with 70 percent of Chinese speakers and a very large region from Yunnan in the southwest to Xinjiang in the northwest and Heilongjiang in the northeast. This enables travelling activities and communication in the North China Plain compared to the more mountainous south, combined with the current spread of Mandarin to boundary areas.

Why is learning Mandarin so important nowadays?

It is relatively common looking for hundreds of professionals who are expert in English. How about those expert in Mandarin? It seems not as much as English. For many institutions or companies, applicants expert in Mandarin is still considerably hard to find. So, it is the right time for you to learn Mandarin because you can get a lot of benefits from Mandarin ability. First, China is a country whose economy sectors are higher and higher through time to time. It also plays a huge role in economy around the world, including with Indonesia. This means that by learning Mandarin, you will get a chance to be involved in economical activities between Indonesia and China. Second, if you have mastered Mandarin, you will be able to teach those who want to have good competence in Mandarin. Third, you will have a plus on yourself in competition to scholarships, internships, or work experiences in top universities or companies, especially in Mandarin-speaking countries.

How Mandarin Tutor in Jakarta can help you

Many people want to learn Mandarin, but sometimes they have no idea where to learn it effectively. Formal courses are too boring for those who love flexibility and fun-learning methods, particularly for learning this language which is considerably difficult. Therefore, is for you who want to learn Mandarin effectively in smart ways and joyous methods. We provide professional Mandarin tutors who are delighted to help you in facing the world with Mandarin.



IELTS Private Tutor Jakarta

IELTS Private Tutor Jakarta

When you hear an abbreviation IELTS, what comes in your mind? An English skill test? A “passport” for study abroad? Or, a difficult and expensive test? Whatever it is, one thing that may be your question is that: what IELTS stands for?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a system to assess English mastery of those who want to work or study in a country in which most frequently used language for communication is English. It applies a nine-band scale to obviously identify levels of competence from non-user (band score 1) to expert (band score 9). Its hard to get 9 for the exam. Many tips and trick that you can find from the internet. some work and some don’t but, don’t worry IELTS Tutor Jakarta is ready to help you rank high for the exam.

IELTS test details

ielts tutoring jakartaThere are two types of IELTS test, but people should take the test depending on what their purpose. The first test is Academic Test which is useful for those who want to continue overseas study for bachelor, master, or doctor degrees.  The second one is General Training Test which is suitable for those who want to apply for training program, internship, or professional application for working in international-scaled office, especially in Australia, Canada, United States of America, and United Kingdom.

They accurately assess four aspects of language skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Listening and Speaking are generally the same in both tests, but Reading and Writing components are different depending on whether you take Academic Test or General Training Test.

Your test centre will be informed after registration. On the day of the test, you must complete Listening, Reading and Writing components on the same day without any breaks in between. For speaking test, you usually will meet a native speaker who tests you in questions or descriptions. Your speaking skill will be evaluated based on your wording, grammar, sentence structures, and accuracy to the topic given. The total test time is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

IELTS Private Tutor Jakarta is ready to help You to get high rank on the test is available with qualified tutors to privately teach you in Jakarta area.  We are ready to help you gain high score and ensure you have significantly better competence in order to pass IELTS with desirable results.

IB Tutor Jakarta

IB Tutor Jakarta

If your child is aiming to continue study abroad, then you have to be aware with international curriculum such as A Level, IB, AP or SAT. IB is studied by over 1 million students in 146 countries including Indonesia. Many international schools in Jakarta are turning to IB Diploma now.  The IB is becoming the number one international curriculum in the world. Students are struggling to attain a great grade for the Exam. Several problems that students face near the exam are: Difficulty to grasp the contents, The number of students in a class, Number of subjects that they took and etc a Private IB tutor is the best solution for it. JakartaeliteTutors offers an award-winning tutoring service for the students in Jakarta and around by providing an experienced and qualified IB Tutor Jakarta

How can IB tutor Jakarta helps your children?

We have set the strategic plan that comes from an assessment of the personal student’s abilities. One-o-one tutoring class will be provided. We select a personal tutor that perfectly fit with your children needs. Tutors will also challenge your children to push them further and develop their confidence. The tuition not only helps boost the IB grades but also develop their critical thinking skill as part of the IB learner profile. JakartaeliteTutors will assist the students to grasp any topic for any subjects requested. Like Accounting, Business studies, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ESS, TOK, English, France, and even Mandarin. Our tutors will increase students’ motivation to strive for better results. Your children will get support in preparing for the exams, given guides, tips and tricks, and revision support.

Should you get IB tutor Jakarta?

We’re very proud of our tutors. we have selected and interviewed them. If after the first hour of tutoring tutor can’t satisfy you with the service quality just let us know and we’ll change the tutor. Just fill out the form on the right side of this page or simply chat us on whatsapp. Our advisers will contact you for the further step. What are you waiting for?

Tutor Mathematics Jakarta

Tutor Mathematics Jakarta

It’s not too hard to make up the syllabus they failed to grasp. Even missing a series of lessons. But it is different in mathematics. As we know, in mathematics each new chapter builds on the complete understanding of the previous chapter. The teacher can’t go back and repeat previous’ lesson just for the few who didn’t catch on, but for the few students. It becomes series problems since they will not be able to grasp the materials on the next topic. And we understand that “In every class, there are always some students who simply don’t get the point of the lesson, others try, but simply find the subject very difficult”. Because of that problem, the help of private tutor is needed. Especially tutor mathematics

How tutor mathematics Jakarta helps you

Our Math Tutors delivers a personalized learning. We understand that everyone is different, but For most of students, mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects. Which is why JakartaEliteTutors adapts to the needs of each individual learner. No matter whether you are a math lover, a math hater, a 10 years old or High school student, work out to solve the problems and bring mathematics become interesting subjects for the students. With several teaching techniques that incredibly effective at engaging children in maths.

What can Tutor mathematics Jakarta teach?

jakartaElitetutors helps you by providing tutor mathematics as your child progresses from primary school to secondary and for university entrance preparation.

We give tutoring for all kinds of curriculum such as IGCSE, A Level, IB Diploma, MYP and SAT exam. IB HL Mathematics comes in closed with many students requiring extra attention in the complex subjects and extra assignment given like CAS and extended essay. Primary Singaporean math is one of the hardest math for primary level. It is high in demand, which many Indonesian parents want to ensure their children get the understanding and skills in math from an early age so that they will not struggle when they are in secondary. Please don’t hesitate to Contact us. We are ready to help your children to boost their confidence and skills in math





A Level Tutor Jakarta

A Level Tutor Jakarta

Are you looking for A Level tutor in Jakarta? We are dedicated to only working with professional A level tutors in Jakarta. We are providing A-Level Tutors for all subjects. We selected the best tutors only. They have a great understanding of the subjects and speak English fluently. They are all interviewed by our team and holding bachelor and even master degree certificate. Our tutors work very hard to make sure students pass the exam and attain a great grade. Whether for math, English, physics, chemistry, economics, business studies or accounting. We can send our tutors to whole over Jakarta and around like BSD, Serpong, Cirendeu, Pondok Indah, Kemang, Lebak Bulus, Tebet, PIK, Pluit, Kebun Jeruk etc. Our tutors are having passionate to train and drill students to pass the exam.

To attain exceptional grades for A level is becoming more and more important for many students in Jakarta since the competition for a place in a top university in Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK and around the Globe is rising.

The approach of A level Tutor Jakarta is a holistic one:

  • The main factor to get exceptional grades is not only knowledge of the subjects but also confidence.
  • To face the exam is all about acquiring skills that you will take it on to further study
  • Our tuition has high standard

Not only that, our A Level tutors are also dedicated and passionate in helping you improve your learning skills and boost your confidence.

a level tutor jakarta

Exam, Book, Homework.

We understand that you feel great pressure to achieve good grade at A level, we offer support to help you manage this stressful time and convert it to an exceptional grade

Why work with us?

  • Our tutors are professional and qualified. They are holding bachelor and even master degree in their teaching subjects in leading university in Indonesia and abroad
  • Most of our private A-Level tutors have at least 3 years experience tutoring international school’s students in Jakarta
  • Our tutors regularly monitor student’s progress and we encourage feedback from tutors to parents.