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In this century, the system of hand phones are very needed and used a lot. Almost all people in this world have a phone because it can be used for calling, texting, and also to get through social media news. There are apps to get you talking to people in the phones. Apps like whatsapp, skype, line, snapchat, messenger, etc. News now also travels more through social media apps like twitter, instagram, facebook, tumblr,, snapchat, etc. The teens in this century knows things happening because of the web and because of social media apps in handphones that helps them socialize and know things but it makes them have less interests in the real news in newspaper, and sending messages through mail which causes a big different in this century far from the rest because of the new technologies created throughout the years.

The waves used in a phone is radio waves, the phone needs radio wave to connect through phone with other people around the world. This radio wave is a non- ionizing radiation from the antennas that helps us connect to each other. Radio waves transports voices or data in a form of electric or magnetic fields called the electromagnetic field or EMF. The oscillation of this is called a frequency. Radio waves carries these information really fast, it is as fast as the speed of light. Cell phones transmits these radio waves into all direction and these waves can be absorbed and reflected by any surrounding object around us before actually reaching the cell tower. An example of this is when you are calling with someone. When you are calling with someone, the energy of the radio waves is transmitted to your head thus making the EMF energy lessen and being not able to communicate.

Advantages of Using Radio Wave

Advantages of radio waves can vary as having the ability to talk through people round the world and socializing with others. Calling through a phone can help us talk to the people we miss or having a important work conversation or even just to call and tell people things we need a favor from. Now, there are apps that can do this too. For example, skype is an app that helps us contact other people around the world with either Wi-Fi or data connection for free and it doesn’t only vary as voice calls but also video calls and voice/ video messages. Snapchat also cam out with a new update that can help us snap call and snap video call. It also helps us make video recordings of our life uploaded for people to see. Whatsapp which is a messaging app, also has the feature to call other people easily and so does line and other apps.

What that advantages, these radio waves in the phone also have their disadvantages. The disadvantage of this radio waves it the fact that the EMF or the transferred energy from the waves can cause cancer. When you call, you tend to put the phone in your ear and when you do that, before the radio wave goes to the signal tower, they reach your head and your brain absorbs a lot of energy from the phone and causing you to have cancer because of radiation and excess of the radio waves from the phone.

Impact of Using Handphone

The use of handphones in general also has both advantages and disadvantages to it. The advantage is it keeps people together and makes people socialize and know others from other places. It also helps us talk to people when we’re in need and have help to get us through. The apps in the handphones also tell us about the newest news that happens in the world that can appear as public economy issues and disasters. The bad thing about technology though is the fact that people gets lost in phones especially teenagers that now cant really live without a phone. The attachment to a phone makes you socialize only through phone but not through each other by talking. It changes the way you act to society and changes your personality.