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Best IGCSE IB A Level SAT Tutoring in Jakarta

Founded in 2000, Yayasan Amalia-JakartaEliteTutors has ben tutoring international schools’ students over Jakarta to improve or extend their learning. Providing tutoring class in English and helping students to boost their academic performance

Great Exam Result

The pressure to get good exam results is really mounting, as university places become ever more competitive, and the job market isn’t too promising. JakartaEliteTutors provide the best solution for this.

Proffesional Tutors

Elite Tutors hand pick all our tutors to make sure you only get the best. We’ll choose someone with the expert subject knowledge, and the right experience to work together with your learner. Your initial consultation is free so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Felxible schedulle

Parents don’t need to deal with the extreme traffic in Jakarta just to send their kids into tuition center. We will send the tutors to your home with adjustable schedule


Best IGCSE IB A Level SAT Home Tutoring Service in Jakarta

Strategy Plan

To make students able to achieve a great result for the exam, Jakarta EliteTutors has made an effective strategy plan. with more than 15 years experince in this field, we will not let our students down.

Our Tutors are qualified who know how to help boosting your childs’s confidence by making fun and engaging learning

Free Assessment are povided, a personal learning programme is created that is just right for your child’s learning needs

  • Understanding International Curricullum 90%
  • English Proficiency 75%
  • Teaching Experiences 70%


Sat Tutor in Jakarta

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a constitutional federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions. As a developed country,...
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English Tutor jakarta

Private English Tutor in Jakarta

Private English Tutor in Jakarta.- English is either the official language or one of the official languages in almost 60 sovereign states. It is the most commonly spoken language in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand,...
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accounting tutor jakarta

Accounting Tutor in Jakarta

Accounting Tutor Jakarta. Accounting is a process of recording, clarifying, summarizing, preparing and presenting data, transactions, and events related to financial activities. Accounting means calculating and is used in almost all of business activities to make...
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Ib tutor in Jakarta

IB Tutor Jakarta

If your child is aiming to continue study abroad, then you have to be aware with international curriculum such as A Level, IB, AP or SAT. IB is studied by over 1 million students in 146 countries including Indonesia. Many international schools in Jakarta are turning...
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igcse tutor jakarta

IGCSE Private Tutor jakarta

In an effort to gain internationally recognized high school credentials, Many students in Jakarta are sitting for IGCSE Exam. as there are hundreds school in Jakarta are using Cambridge curriculum. the reason behind it is, attaining IGCSE qualification can help...
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physics tutor in jakarta

Physics Tutor

Physics is originated from Greek word “fysikós” which means natural. Physics Tutor Jakarta- Physics is the natural science in which study of matter, motion and behavior through space and time is involved, together with associated concepts such as energy and force. One...
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We all know that the United States is one of the most influence country in the world. Studying in United States is always be one big dream of so many students all over the world through the fact that American Universities continue to be assessed higher worldwide. They...
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Les IGCSE di Jakarta

Jakartaelitetutors menyediakan layanan jasa Les Privat, dimana guru atau tutor akan datang ke rumah siswa untuk mengajar. Kami menyediakan layanan home tutoring service yang ditunjukan kepada siswa siswa dari International school, termasuk Les IGCSE di Jakarta. Les...
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Mandarin Tutor in Jakarta

Mandarin Tutor in Jakarta. Mandarin is a group of diversity of spoken Chinese in northern and southwestern China. The group consists of the Beijing dialect, basic Standard Mandarin or Standard Chinese. Due to most Mandarin dialects in the north, the group is referred...
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Les Privat Matematika Jakarta Selatan

Les Privat Matematika Jakarta Selatan. Bagi orang sepuh, mempunyai anak yg cerdas yaitu suatu yang di cita citakan tersendiri sekaligus pula jadi satu buah kebanggaan. Salah satu indikator yg menunjukan anak tersebut ialah anak yg pintar yakni senantiasa rajin mencari...
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Membantu anak memilih A Level

Memilih level A sangat menarik untuk semua yang terlibat, meski pada awalnya memang terasa menakutkan. Tingkat mempengaruhi masa depan anak Anda: universitas yang dapat mereka terapkan, kursus yang dapat mereka pelajari dan, sampai taraf tertentu, karir mereka. Oleh...
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Tips Memilih Universitas

Tips Memilih Universitas. Apa yang harus saya lakukan saat meninggalkan sekolah?' Hanyalah satu dari sejumlah pertanyaan penting yang dilakukan siswa selama tiga tahun terakhir mereka di sekolah. Tapi, ini adalah salah satu yang seharusnya tidak mereka rasakan karena...
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Persiapan Test Masuk Jurusan Satra Inggris

Tes Penerimaan Sastra Inggris tidak perlu menakutkan. Sebenarnya, ini hanya menguji beberapa keterampilan yang telah Anda kembangkan sejak setidaknya IGCSE Anda, dan mungkin jauh sebelumnya: keterampilan membaca secara perlahan, dekat, dan kreatif, dan keterampilan...
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8 Top Tutoring Tips for Math Homework

We all understand that MATHS doesn't return naturally to everybody and contains some ideas which will be tough for kids to be told. several oldsters address non-public tutoring as understanding complicated issues and attempting to clarify them to your kid will be...
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Discover the world of English literature

Discover the world of English literature. Many students can associate reading nice works of English literature with having to try and do exams on them come back the top of term. Of course, it absolutely was ne'er Virginia Woolf's intention to possess To the beacon...
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Grammar brought back into focus for exam pupils

Grammar brought back into focus for exam pupils. The days of sloppy descriptive linguistics in school can be at Associate in Nursing finish. Teenagers area unit to be punished for poor descriptive linguistics in robust new rules being planned for IGCSE and A LEVEL....
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Should A-Level Maths be compulsory?

Should A-Level Maths be compulsory?. The Heriot-Watt University in European country has to produce indefinite quantity lessons for freshman students learning science,technology and engineering. Leading tutorial, academic Martin McCoustra claims that skills like...
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Dealing With IB Exam Nerves

Dealing With IB Exam Nerves. Do you suffer from communicating nerves? PSYCHOLOGISTS FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF SURREY have discovered heightened leads to memory once your eyes square measure shut. psychological feature expert, Art Markman explains that closing off your...
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The 16 Best Strategies for Successful IB Exam Preparation

Best Strategies for Successful IB Exam Preparation. Most students (children, teenagers and adults) dread the inevitable exam-time. and every one students have their own technique of revision and set themselves their own time within which to organize. whether or not...
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IGCSE EXAM Top Ten Survival Tips

IGCSE EXAM Top Ten Survival Tips. criticised exams, stating that they're a 'pointless waste of time' which the key to passing them is however well you 'play the system'. The article claims that a decent examination technique will count the maximum amount as years of...
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How to boost your Math Score

The pressure to get good exam results is really mounting, as university places become ever more competitive, and the job market isn’t too promising. Elite Tutors provide the best solution for this.

Tips for IELTS Listening Test

The listening Test is probably the one people get most scared of. To help yourself overcome that fear, start watching TV programs in English. These are better than radio or audio books, because you also see images that help you understand the words you hear

Learning English for Elementary students

Parents don’t need to deal with the extreme traffic in Jakarta just to send their kids into tuition center. We will send the tutors to your home and we can manage schedule

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